snippets of a 6 day hiking tour. 1-3

 A few snippets from days 1-3 of the 6 day hiking/walking/trudging trip on the Cumbria Way.
We(my mom & sisters) began our journey in Ulverston, the Cumbria Way is a 72 mile stretch through the Lake District to Carlise.  We were on a self guided tour...our bags were forwarded daily to the next B & B and we set off each day with a map, guide book and common sense to lead the way. 
 We carried a cellphone and compass should something go awry.


We set off about 9 am the first day.
We were giddy with excitement and looking forward to a "low level" walk.
We were sadly unprepared for how tough the "walk" was.
The first day we encountered pastures of livestock, quaint farmyards and fields of buttercups.

Pathways, stiles, kissing gates and a rare fellow ambler.

The first day of 14 miles took us over 9 hours to walk.
We are all in good shape and the sun was shining...even enough to get a sunburned spot here and there.
The trail was invisible in spots, rocky and boggy in others.
We were totally unprepared for the time we would

Day 2 welcomed us with a heavy downpour in which rain pants were purchased and dollar store ponchos were utilized.
It rained for the entire day and we hiked somewhere between 12-14 miles in the wet. When we finally reached a pub 9 miles in we agreed we would grab a taxi..but alas no taxi's or buses were available...so onward march.

Morning 3 welcomed us with no rain but a cold and blustery morn.
We hiked up and over the fell (giant hill) to the next dale(valley).

We navigated  a treacherous trail, using our very wordy guidebook.

In spite of the uneven trail and sore feet the views were delightful and the livestock was plentiful...Harwick sheep everywhere!

Borrowdale...I think!
The Lake district is truly beautiful and the views are amazing.
Obviously it rains a lot...everything is green and lush.
Everything, everywhere.

The fences dividing the pastures are made of rocks piled high.
Clearly the backbreaking work of ancestors.

At the end of the day we were weary but we beat the rainstorm by about 20 minutes.
It was the longest 8 miles I have ever walked.
The (above) B&B was like heaven on earth!
If you are ever in the area I would highly recommend Stonethwaite B & B.


  1. Wonderful pictures, Nicole -- and great narration to go with them. It sounds like an incredible trip!

  2. wonderful pictures it looked like a wonderful time even with the hard times! Congrats on making it!

  3. happy CANADA day.


  4. I am ridiculously jealous. Ridiculously. I will work on that. Keep posting photos to help me work on that.


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