science fair

I know what you are thinking.
Doesn't that lady have anything but her kids to talk about?
But I am a mom and my kids rock.

So does my husband, who helped the kids with their science fair projects.
Delia worked on invisible ink. (above)
Jude raced HotWheels and recorded the results .(below)

Oh, the years of science fair projects we have ahead of us.
Thank goodness it's not my department.
All things science-y fall to the dad in this household. 


  1. i thought you were in England... and yet here you are at a science fair?

  2. I thought the same thing. I am confused. Also, do your kids go to super school or do mine go to a dud school? We do NOT have anything like that up here in southern Ontario in the public schools. Way to go, Jude and Delia.


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