school's out!

Another school year has come to a close...today.
Above are the "thank you" gifts for the teachers.  
Cards with envelopes,  wrapped up with twine.
Another handmade stamp project.
Delia drew the butterfly for her teacher and Jude came up with the concept of a stack of books for his teacher.
  Clever kids!

Jude and his first grade teacher.
What a great teacher and great school year.
Ack...I have a second grader!

Delia and her kindergarten teacher.
Ack...my baby is in first grade now!
My mind still wanders into the realm of homeschooling.
I think about it far too often.
The kids have had positive public school experiences.
I am for public school.
I am for private school.
I am for homeschool.
I just am not always certain what is best for right now.
As it stands today, we are not changing the current path for next year, however our school district is threatening to increase class size to 31...that does not make me want to send my kids to public school.
Stay tuned...this is a big topic for me and I have lots to say about it...but not today.
I am going on a vacation.
Off with my sisters and mom to go on a walking tour in the UK.
Yep, that means I am leaving the husband and kids!
I can leave the worries of being a mom and wife for a few days.


  1. These cards are darling!!! Where is the Etsy shop Nicole? Get your kids to build up an inventory for you. Good summer project eh?

  2. I am so with you on homeschooling, private and public schooling.
    I am facing the same dilemma and am not sure what to do.
    We did the preschool homeschooling this year and I think we will try the private preschooling for next year.
    Beyond that, we'll have to see. I just don't know what is right for us but mostly what is right for them.

    I am dying to know what is going through your head....after your vacation, which sounds so fantastic right now!!!


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