the purge

We are downsizing.
Yep...the old collection of cassette tapes.
I have been nagging John for years to purge the cassettes,
 to no avail, until I suggested he photograph his favorites.
Which he is doing...while checking out the old tunes on Youtube.
Gotta love Youtube for classic 80's videos.
To all of you that ever made me a tape...I am afraid I've let it go.
Next on the list...VHS.
That may take some nagging.


  1. weird how I can hold on to such memories. i recently got rid of all of my cds (I have iTunes), tapes and all but my very cherished DVDs. And my entire series of Sex & the City DVDs - I do watch them again and again.

  2. I love that these are in Bud box. ROCK ON you two.

  3. Ha! I just pulled a box of cassettes out of the top of the closet this week and am about to do the same.

  4. Good for you. I purged most of all my tapes too, but I think I have a few for odd nostalgic reasons-like I might still have Dee-Lite or something.

    Girl-call me when you want to purge or trade crafty stuff. I'm always on the look out to score something nifty and free!

    Ha! See you tomorrow-
    Melanie :)

  5. WHere do you recycle cassette tapes? I have stuff that I need to get rid of too but I just feel so wasteful when I toss them.


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