It's high time for a Lucy update.
She is so fun but a gigantic ball of energy.
By gigantic, I mean 80 lbs of puppy love, as she is only 10 mths old.
She loves to run off leash up on the ridge, (a regional park mere minutes from our house) wrestle her sister, Waya and loves chewing of random logs and bits of wood in the backyard.
I am so glad we endured the tough first months of puppy-dom.
Of course, I am writing this post the night before I leave on my trip and Lucy is not here (she is having a sleepover with her sister) and I am likely to hear many Lucy stories when I return...maybe my love will fade if she is too naughty while I am away.

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  1. oh, i love cute puppy stories - have fun on your trip


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