In which Wendy and I toured Manchester

I met my sister, Wendy, in Manchester a couple of days prior to the big hike and prior to meeting up with our Mom and other sister, Sara.
Wendy had spent time in Manchester a couple of years ago so she showed me the sights.  Not that many sights unless you want to shop.

We had tea.
We caught up.
We fought fatigue.

We ate.
We walked.

We visited the Manchester Cathedral.
Basked in sunlight.

Toured the potato wharf and locks.
Romanticized living on a boat.

Rode the ferris wheel thingamajig above the city.
Realized we are getting old.

Drooled over Ms. Westwood.
Fought jet lag.

We  went to a museum or two, ate more food, stopped for coffee, drank tea, shopped at an outlet mall and crashed at our hotel.
  Jet lag is by far the worse thing about international travel.
stay tuned to hike details.


  1. Ahhh beautiful... can't wait to take this journey with you! Jet lag seems to get worse with age :p

  2. LOVE that last photo! let's hang out soon!


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