home sweet home

I am home.
I love going on a holiday but I sure do love coming home.
Especially to see my family.
I have oodles of laundry to do, email to catch up on, photos to edit and a regular life to get back into.
I promise photos.  Really I do.
The down and dirty on the trip was...the lake district is beautiful and when "they" say it will rain "they" speak truth.  The Cumbria Way hike is NOT a low level hike in the woods, it is in fact a fairly vigorous, at times, hike over hill and dale.  More on the details in another post.
Actually, it is almost 5 am and my body is all out of whack...jet lag is the downside of international travel.  I am tired and hungry and wide awake all at the same time but am trying to be quiet for my family. Lucy is faithfully sitting by my side...she must have missed me!


  1. welcome home little one - can't wait to hear all about it (and see the photographs)

  2. Glad your home safe and sound!

  3. Welcome back from you're adventure!

  4. I can't wait to hear all about your trip. We missed you.

  5. Welcome home my friend. Glad that you had safe travels. Hope we can catch up this summer. Let me know when and if you're up for a hike. I'll soon have time on Thursdays as well as Fridays.


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