bits and bobs

The days are beginning to blur together in the end-of-the-year frenzy.
Of course, I am adding the I-am-off-on-holiday-without-my-family frenzy.
 A bit of cooking,baking, planning, packing, preparing, shopping and such.

Did I mention the making of kindergarten graduation caps?
Did I mention I want to create handmade  end of the year teacher gifts..tonight.
Good thing I had a latte at 5 pm.
A caffeine frenzy.

Oh, I set the frenzy aside today and was a lady about town.
Ladies who lunch.
Do you love my new Bauer Pottery?
Pancakes on the last day of school...so I can use my new batter bowl.


  1. Help! I need end of the year teacher gift ideas!

  2. i love the new pottery!!!! i am such a sucker for bowls, pitchers, mugs...and stationary. kills me every time. yes, let's get together for coffee when you are back around. :)

  3. Have a great trip Nicole...and don't leave exhausted! You got some walking to do, girl! g

  4. I love kindergarten graduations!!! Have a great summer!


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