The weeks are zooming by.
zoom, zoom, zoom.

I forgot to report on our annual trip to UCDavis for Picnic Day.
This year we made it in time for the parade but spent most of the day roaming the campus and missing the major events (dog races, goat milking and wine tasting), but we did cash in on free plants and yummy ice cream.

We were given a hands on tour of a plant pathology lab.
Thanks Dr. Pye.

Our future scientists.
Someday, when they are slaving away on their PhD's, 
 I will send them these photos to remind them of their early days.

A horse skeleton.
A cool horse barn on a sweltering day.
Of course, we ended the day at our favorite Davis haunt, Dos Coyotes.
The best shrimp burritos EVER!

Skip ahead to the next weekend, which was really last weekend.
Oh, how the weekends blur together, especially since here we are at this weekend already.

We spent Saturday in Bolinas, a seaside town outside the Bay Area.
An afternoon spent walking about town, playing at the playground and helping with a bbq party for John's club.
A great day spent with great friends.

On our walk about, our friend "won" a TU-IT.
A clever handyman's business card.
A round tu-it.
As in, when you get round to it!
The world truly is full of clever folk.

More cleverness.
A boat, turned kitchen to inspire kids and the community to eat local.
See, I told you!

Oh, the beauty of Marin.
I've been a bit off this week...scattered, busy, frantic, worried, you name it, I likely ran the gamut.  A few unknowns were settled...Lucy's tumor is benign and we finally made some decisions about Jude's education next year. 
 There are many unknown still lurking...John's job, buying a house and summer plans.

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  1. wishing you peace in the unknown...

    um, i LOVE picnic day! missed this year due to my parent's house preparations. :( ah, sweet davis- although i love dos' salsa-my fav is the green. because i know you were wondering.

    i will laugh if you, too, were an aggie.


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