winner winner chicken dinner

Okay, let's pick 2 winners!

Who will it be?
My top secret method.
The youngest child prints half the numbers and the eldest child prints the other half.
Then they cut the numbers into a bowl and give it a shake and shimmy.

Jude chooses #3 comment:

sign me up for a pack of those cuties will ya! you are to crafty for your own good my dear! i think you outta sell those puppies on etsy!

love you girl.

Delia chooses #12 comment:
Meghan said...

ooh, these are adorable! Count me in, fingers officially crossed. ;-)

Okay ,Louise (Betty) & Meghan email me your snail mail address and the cards and other secret goodies will be  shipped to you! Pronto!


  1. Dos this mean I lost again? I may have to start 'influencing' your helpers!


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