simplifying things

I am a bit out of sorts.
So, I stopped and looked for the simply things in my day.
And enjoyed them.
Like, a nap in the middle of the afternoon.

Like trying a new recipe for meat pie, complete with homemade pie crust.
A great, simple and interesting cookbook.
Comfort food.

Like hand cream on the windowsill waiting patiently to be used...
after the dishes are washed.
I need a dishwasher.

Like stove popped popcorn with a healthy dose of olive oil in the pot...
like Rancho Gordo popping corn.
Tonight, the kids and I played Uno and we started reading a new book,
Have you read it?
Not so simple...
it is nearly 10 pm and the laundry is still drying and the oven is half way through the "clean" cycle.
Manic cleaning is not simplifying things last I checked, 
but cleaning is better than eating.
I started counting points again.

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  1. Last Whangdoodle is my FAVORITE childhood book.

    It would make a fantastic movie!


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