I realize it has been ages since I shared some stuff-i-dig finds.
I know I sound like a broken record but there are so many clever folk out there.
I imagine there are way more not-so-clever folk too but I am only looking for the goodness...

Rocks for your home.
To climb on. Sit on.
Land on. Walk on.
How cool is that?

David Graeme Baker's artwork is amazing.
I wish I could paint like that.
The colors, themes and visual thrill simply rock.
Did I just say "visual thrill"?

Have you seen Studio Violet's circus dishes?
So charming.
Actually check out the shop...so much cleverness.
As for other amazing bits of inspiration, have you seen the latest Anthropologie catalogue with the ethereal under water photos.  
I think my heart did a wee jig when I opened the magazine up.  
Be still my heart.
Musical inspiration came in the form of the movie "Once". 
 I might be the last indie film lover  to see this film.  A terrific story line.
Beautiful music. Non-Hollywood.  Yeah.
Put it on your Netflix cue.
As for general inspiration that makes you stop and think, check out the video link my sister, Sara has posted on her blog.  
All things TED rock.
What is inspiring you?
Anything clever?


  1. Nicole!
    I love it all! I want to make rocks and paint and shop and, well it is all so inspiring!
    thank you!!!

  2. oh my gosh- i almost posted pics from the new anthro water catalog on my blog; then i got to lazy to scan them or look on the website to see if they were there to steal.

    love these.

    the big house-capade is almost done!!!! (open house is sunday) so maybe sometime soon we can hook up for a little coffee? :) maybe between our places @ 4th street in berkeley? :) would be fun to meet...


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