moving on

Let's move on to bits o' cleverness.
Objects of beauty.
Let me change the subject and focus on other things other than myself.
Isn't this wallpaper divine?
I would love it in an entrance way.
John would probably say "no" and it's a moot point as we do not have an entrance way and we rent!
I have loved this bike basket for a couple years now.
On my pink cruiser the green would really pop.
Don't you think?

This Ukulele kit is way too cool for words.
If only I had a musical ear.
If only.
A great Father's day gift...not for my father though.
Kinda makes me want to escape to Hawaii!

Years ago, when I was in Romania, I purchased the most amazing hand carved wooden spoon.  I use it all the time and often wish I had more of them.
When I came across Live Wire Timber and saw these spoons, I had the gimmes.
I will resist of course, but I just know I would love to have one of these spoons.
I have an infinity for wooden spoons.

Would it get used?
Happy Weekend!
I am off to dig in the garden before the sun gets too high in the sky.
I am also working on a wee little stationary craft.
I also think it is high time for a giveaway.
Next week perhaps.
Thank you everyone for your kind words, emails and prayers.
I will survive.


  1. I have a wooden spoon thing too! That and barns. They make me wistful.

    Been thinking of you and wishing you well--

  2. I still have the wooden spoon you gave me from Romania. I love it. And I love you.

  3. I love that basket too but my bike is red, I need another color. I was thinking white. A lot of craft fairs around here have the guys that make wooden utensils - so pretty.


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