Mother's Day recap

My family spoiled me rotten.
Rotten, I tell you!
Thank you, my loves.
Breakfast in bed.
Posters and art projects galore.
A scavenger hunt to find my gift.
Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts.
Watch out world.
I am inspired.
Anticipate handmade gifts in your future!
What a day!
A family day, breakfast for lunch and a walk in the park.
A great day.

On Saturday evening I whipped up a new Mother's Day skirt.
I tried the Dee technique of no to very few pins and man o man can that ever speed up a project.  To be honest this Titus pattern is the easiest and comfiest skirt pattern ever.

The main reason to do Saturday evening sewing was to make my MIL a lunch bag (see floral/polka dot bag) and to embellish flour sacks for MIL and SIL for a wee little Mother's Day gift!
 Happy Monday everyone!
Make this week a great week.
One month until school is out.
One month until I jet off to the UK.


  1. nicole- i FINALLY posted from the 80 days post of ages ago....sorry for the lag! love your mothers day post! cute skirt!


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