a life of lemons

Life is giving me lemons today and I DO NOT want to drink lemonade!
Excuse me while I vent, but in the past week we experienced (as a household) dog, kid,  mom vomit, 1 minor surgery, 1 school open house, 1 PTA lunch and 1 PTA meeting,1 Mother's Day celebration, 1 very-sore-barley-can-move backache,  lost 1 bid on a house, had to call on a friend to help us several times with child pick up and delivery services and now, today, on possibly the busiest day of John's year (with his club at least) we had a car break down.
All this happened between 6:30 am last Friday and 7:30 am today.
Yep, the new-to-us car would not start, the key would not turn over. 
To top it off, John parked it illegally in front of a bank ATM in the driveway of a bank on payday Friday.
Did I mention that John was responsible for 40+ people and leading them all up to Yosemite for the weekend?  
Did I mention that I threw the kids in the car and drove the couple of blocks to help him, only to swap out the crap in the cars and wait for 90 ish minutes for a tow truck to arrive?  
Did I mention the kids were with me, unfed and still in pj's? 
 Did I mention the car was in the middle of a driveway?
  Did I mention, illegally parked and I looked like I was "spying" on folk at the ATM?  
Did I mention I was still in pj's and had yet to brush my teeth?
Needless to say it was not such a great start to my day.
The tow truck eventually made it after a long ,long wait, many evil eyes and a stern chat with the security guard.  The dude (tow truck dude) got the car to turn over and sent me on my way with strict instructions to hightail it to a service station or dealership and DO NOT turn the car off.
Off I go, cranky, stinky and all.
All I can think is, "How much is this going to cost?"
Lemons, I tell ya.
The moral of this story is; a friend to the rescue and a latte in hand always helps.
Turns out we need a new engine cylinder.
I'll get the car back later today and they will send a shuttle.
See, lemonade ain't so bad.


  1. Whew...maybe a vacation is needed :)

  2. oh no!!! hope the weekend gets better.

  3. Have to admit - I did chuckle at one point in there! g

  4. Bad days...Satan's ploy to let ungratefulness and bitterness take root. Drink the lemonade instead, my friend.

  5. What a day! I surely hope that your weekend is better...try to stay cool as it'll be a scorcher I hear.
    Gotta tell ya....both me and David had our name choices narrowed down to Amelia or Cordelia...you gotta love that! Hope to see you guys soon with my belly and all...let me know what time you bring Cordelia home next week--and I can stop by sometime during my day !


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