ice cream date

This time I remembered my camera.
Still super tasty.
Yesterday, I met a new friend...face to face.
A friend I met through this great big world of blogging and in particular moms with deaf kids blog world.
After a bit of time we arranged a "meet up".  
Kinda like a date but much less stressful. 

We hit off as well in person as we did via email.
Turns out our lives overlap in several different ways.


  1. yay for meeting new "old" friends

  2. yay- i had such a good time connecting yesterday! (and the lime sorbet was delicious!)

    little m had so much fun with delia. such a treat! i'm so glad you posted...since i didn't take any photos i can link to your post now. ;)

    you can tell delia that now i have to watch monsters and aliens...

  3. So cool! This is a heartwarming story. All of your posts about ice cream have been timely as well! =)
    Hope you have a great time on your upcoming trip. I can't wait to hear about your adventures.


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