giveaway dilemma

I have a giveaway dilemma and I need your help.
Your opinions please.
Peanut gallery, please speak up.
Last week I had a giveaway.
Two winners.
Neither winners have contacted me.
I stated on the giveaway post to check back in to see if you won.
The winners have not.
I know one winner and not the other.
Clearly, they are not regular readers of my blog.
No big deal, right?
But if they haven't contacted me yet...one week later.
Should they still qualify?
Do I redraw winners?
Do I track the winners down and demand they send me their mailing addresses?
Do they care?
Do you?
I ask because in the past this has happened at least once ( I spent too much time tracking down a winner who ultimately was not so grateful) and it spoiled the joy of giving and ultimately the joy of winning.
Please tell me what you think?


  1. I think you should pick me. First to respond. Clearly a regular reader. I must check in every 5-10 minutes to have a response time like this. Rules are rules! A week has passed! : )

  2. I think that giveaways are best done if the giver requests that the commenter leave a way to contact them if they win. It is summer, so even if the winners are regular readers, or occasional readers, they might be on vacation, or busy planting their gardens. :)

  3. Hmmm...hard question, because if you draw again, maybe I'd win. Because if you draw again, I'd let my name stand. Selfish reasons, I know. If it takes away your joy of giving having to track down, I say redraw away and bring back the joy.

    And, after the week we've had, I'm all about needing some joy in my life. Having one's car totaled by another driver will do that to you. (of course, I'm beyond thankful my husband is still alive)

    There's a long answer to your question!


  4. I agree about the redraw!! If they were to be grateful they would have already responded!

  5. I would probably check their links on the post to see if they had an e-mail and contact them. And if they haven't responded within 24 hours after that - then I would announce that I was doing a re-draw.

    If neither has an e-mail, then I would announce a re-draw.

  6. i say do what makes you happy!giveaway shmiveaway...i just miss ya! xo, mm

  7. So I decided to track down the person I know (Betty) but the other winner had no contact info...so I am cooking up something different for a giveaway in the coming week. This time with clear rules!


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