garden goodies

Glimpses of my garden.
Flowers are blooming.
Blueberries are ripening.

Arugula is growing.
Tomato seedlings are in the earth.
Chard seeds are wiggling in the compost soil.

The grapevines are missing their stakes and tangling with the blossoms.
Freshly tilled dirt, waiting to burst with goodness.

I need a bigger garden plot.
Just a couple raised beds to grow my own CSA box.
How does your garden grow?


  1. mine has to be replanted as it flooded out with the heavy rains. oh well, more to play with

  2. Beautiful! Go for the raised beds. I built 4 this year and they were a quick and easy one-woman project (other then carrying the 8-footers out to their new homes in the garden).


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