family adventure time

Yesterday, we hit the road and went on a family adventure.
We had a rough idea of where we wanted to go, a loop from our East Bay home across the bay and up through Sonoma and Napa and back home again.
A very rough idea.

Our first stop, about 2 miles into our journey we stopped for a treat.
Local donuts.

Tough decisions...but everyone stuck with their favorites.
Jude- honey dip
the dad- maple
the mom- old fashioned glazed (in Canada it's a sour cream glazed)
We piled back in the car and headed to a colleagues home in Rohnert Park for a quick visit...the highlight was playing with their dog, which involved tossing a tennis ball into the pool and watching the dog, Gracie, swim, swim , swim.
Lucy would have loved that!

We cruised the back roads and stopped by the world famous geyser in Calistoga.
World famous.
You've heard of it, haven't you?

Fainting goats...though this one has not fainted.

The Geyser.
We witnessed 3 eruptions.
Cool...but no Yellowstone.

A bamboo forest!
Of course the day was filled with food.
Lunch in St. Helena...at a brewery!
Dessert at Sonic.
Gotta love family adventures


  1. I love spontaneous adventures like this. what fun - and fainting goats!!! they are so funny - poor dears.

  2. my brother and I used to get their apple fritters they are bigger than your head!!!!

  3. Um, can I get the itererary for that trip. It's our turn.


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