cutt'n & creat'n

In the mayhem of the past couple of days my good friend, Karen has schlepped the kids here and there (mostly school) for me.

Such a terrific friend...she even rescued the kids from in front of the bank yesterday morning.  In her pj's no less!
I am so grateful.

 So as a wee little thank you I made her some note cards.
Some with kisses (lip prints) since SWAK is her signature and for the other cards I made a stamp of a VW bug...she drives a 1969 (I think) green bug.
When block printing I always forget which image I want to stand out. Ack!
Can you spot the "odd" bug?
Something magical happens when you create for someone else.
You forget your pity party and focus on them.
I can't wait to give the goodies to Karen..isn't that the best part?

Delia was feeling so much better and could not bear to watch so I introduced her to sharp craft tools. Oooh.
I think she likes the sharp tool part.
She drew the design for her own stamps and started cutting, I helped a wee bit.

Delia's designs.
Watch out world!
I hope there will be many daughter/mom crafting sessions in our future.
Another sign my kids are not babies...sharp tools and Jude is at a "sleepover'.


  1. I'm not a brilliant craftster, but HOW did you do that? I would love to try with Kassia. She is pondering what to try from the DIYK book. Thanks again.

  2. I remember making stamps back in junior high (some people call it middle school) and loved it. yours are excellent.

  3. You MAKE stamps? That is beyond awesome.

  4. You and your daughter are so talented. Your post about not be able to communicate to Cordelia brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing with us. It reminded me that maybe the reason I do not hear God is because I have turned off my hearing aid.

  5. I'm just now catching up on a bunch of your posts and I have to say I'm so sorry things have been rough! But also these stamps are SO COOL!!! I am going to have to try this. I love it!


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