boy dolls and a bob *note name change

Guess who got a haircut yesterday?

We had a good 6 inches cut off.
A bob.
She looks much older and is basking in all the attention.
Prior to the haircut, she told me if I "made" her cut her hair then she would not speak to me for the rest of my life...so I bribed her with a boy doll.
There is a sad collection of boy dolls available.
I know because this is not the first trek to find a boy doll.
Last time we came home with a Star Wars character.
Delia wanted a boy for her Only Hearts dolls.
For the right size, all she could find at Target were action figures or Ken.
I am anti-Barbie.
A discussion I will save for another day.
What is a mom to do.
I bought her Beach Ken, complete with purple sunglasses.
Am I sending a mixed message?
Where are the boy dolls?
Delia named him, Dick.
Which prompted a discussion about slang and names.
She changed his name...last I heard, to Daniel, like Daniel in the lions den, she said.
* update*
Not Daniel...his name is Tad.
Maybe it will change daily!


  1. Dels I LOVE your hair - it look beeeutiful!!

  2. I can't believe you have a picture of a dick on your blog. hahaha

  3. He looks like a Tad, lol. Is that a pink shirt? Hmm, maybe Teddy. Or Quincy.

  4. Groovy Girls makes a boy doll, but maybe she isn't looking for a cloth doll? She looks older than me with her haircut. I still get asked if I'm in high school, and I actually have 2 kids and am half way to 70!

  5. i fought my mom tooth and nail for a barbie growing up, only to lose. and now i am in the anti barbie camp! sigh.

  6. Hehe. I'll have to show my Tadd this post and let him see what things look like a "Tad" : )

  7. Oh you make me laugh...actual tears down my cheeks laugh...thanks, I needed that! Dels' hair looks great - does she still want "Molly hair?" because she seems like a little copycat to me! :) I'm home (but barely awake) and will call you this weekend! MM


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