Sometimes, I read the words, hear the words, or the words speak to me in a new way. In the way I need to have them spoken to my heart.
Sometimes, when I am having a pity party and feeling unloved I read something that speaks to me. Or I hear the lyrics of a song.
Sometimes, a friend will be sharing with me the grief of their heart and I have a thought cross my mind and the exact right moment.  The perfect quote, story or verse for that sacred moment.
Sometimes, like today, when I am feeling left out, let down and failed upon, my husband leaves a blog post up  for me to read.  The perfect post for my heart to hear.
I believe those moments are the signs in which God speaks to me.  He uses signs because I am far to stubborn to sit and hear His still voice.
The post is from Stuff Christians Like. It speaks to the nakedness we feel in our lowest moments and reminds us that in Christ we are not.

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