sofa reveal

I hinted earlier that I needed, okay maybe not NEED, but was hoping for a new sofa...or at the very least a sofa cover. 
Our sofa had taken an 8 year beating of pets, bofas and kids.
I called in the expert, Denise, choose the color scheme and purchased the fabric.
Two longish days, 2 women and several trips back to the fabric store to buy more cord for the piping, we finished.

I bought all the fabric on the roll and it was barely enough...even at 14 yards!
Instead of zipper back pillows we made envelope style but the overlap is not quite enough, especially with the new pillow forms.
The final step is to add buttons on the back flaps of the 4 large back pillows.
I have plenty of fun fabrics to make throw pillows to tie in the bright orange and piping.  That project will have to be later this week as it is super toasty around here and I need to find a cool shady spot to veg out in.
What do you think of the orange?
ps: do you have a steamer I could borrow?  the sofa is sadly un-ironed!  a lived in look!


  1. love it. love the orange. love the awesome floral piping. even love the lived in look. steamer, shmeemer.

  2. Wow, very awesome - I am impressed!!

  3. Looks great - I might have to commission Denise for help with my curtains.


  4. i wish you lived in canada! sigh...mine need a do-over too, but in another lifetime. love the orange. off to paint the kitchen. a nightmare.

  5. I love the orange. Its not too much and adds just the right amount of color in my opinion. :)

    Okay, so is a bofa what I think it is? Ask Mr. I if it is similar to a zephyr (as he once described as a warm wind from the north...)?

  6. LOVE the patterned piping. You guys did a great job.

  7. I love the sofa the color it looks awesome! you are so talented!


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