We made it through another celebratory weekend of birthday goodness and Easter.
Sadly, I have few photos to document the days.

For Easter lunch , I was made vanilla cupcakes with a vanilla cream cheese frosting.
  I had an idea to make little coconut nests a la Martha but I also had the idea to make chocolate nests. 
Swallow nests, is what John called them.
In the end I went with a variety of nest like toppings and jelly belly's for eggs.
Next year I'll prefect my idea a day or two earlier not the morning of.

This is the best Easter pic of the kids...and I call myself a photographer??!!

For some reason I have no photos of the egg scavenger hunt except the final clue which was a sack of Easter goodies such as homemade lip balm, chocolate, Re-ment, and Denise made stuffed colored eggs for the kids...which I have no photos of. 
I slacked a bit yesterday I guess!
Fun was had by all...young and old alike!

A certain dashing Grandpop!


  1. The cupcakes turned out so cute! I like the variety, very festive.

  2. I LOVE the bow tie! Caleb wears a blue velvet bow tie that used to be Chris'! Go, Grandpop, Go!



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