little bits of beauty and such

hello birdies.
i know you have been fluttering here and there around the web.
can be purchased at eleni's NYC

this is so clever.
a pantry door.
i love this and hope to someday have a pantry in my kitchen and wonderful red screen door guarding my dry goods.
found at apartment therapy...of course

a kit of love.
check it out at cori kindred.

you are beautiful.
really you are.
i can not recall where i came across this neat project.
i'll say it again...the world is an amazing place and there are so many amazingly creative talented people.

for more details check you are beautiful.
watch for beauty.
watch for the lovelies.
look out for joy.
tell me what you find.


  1. Yowsers! I want that screen door on the front of my house! It is my goal to have one this summer. An essential summer sound is that of a wooden screen door slamming shut - the kind with a rusty spring that creaks and stretches as the door opens, then snaps the door shut so hard that it bounces against the door frame. Yummy summer!

  2. aw, thanks nicole, i'm so glad you like my little kit :)
    and what a fun post!!

  3. Ummm how will your children ever play the wondrous game of what food is it if you have a screen door on your pantry? Or maybe you don't have canned goods wither - just dried beans and other wholesome wonders sans MSG and sodium glutamate.


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