grow your own soup

Campbell's will send you seeds to grow tomatoes.
Apparently, they are not GMO seeds, according to Danny Seo.
All I need is a code from the bottom of a can...anyone?
I don't have a can of soup in the house.
Nope, not a can in sight.
I have Trader Joe's Creamy Tomato in a tetrapak though.
Get out there and grow yourself a tomato plant or two.
Or three or four.
There is nothing quite like a homegrown, sun-warmed garden tomato.
There is nothing quite as satisfying as eating something you grew.
As a side note, I harvested my compost pile today and I have a trash can full of lovely, heavenly rich soil...ready to garden but hoping for a new garden to start gardening in.
Here are a few garden-ish links to inspire you to get your victory garden on:

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