Duck! Rabbit!

Take another minute.

This is a new and new to us book brought to you by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

The brilliance behind "The Beckoning of Lovely".

We are off to meet her next week while she is in our area on a book tour...wanna to join us on May 1st?


  1. Sorry, not really going to be in the area :-) However, I must say after reading about her on your blog, I found her kids books at the library, LITTLE PEA and LITTLE OINK and they are utterly fantastic. I loved them more than Caleb, I think! Finished painting last night. YEAH.

  2. Kaitlyn saw a rabbit. Ethan saw a car, hmmmmm.

  3. Nicole,
    I'm around on May 1st and depending on where and when, I'd love to go. Let me know.


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