couch love

My couch needs a slip cover.
Denise is coming to my rescue...next week I hope.
She is an amazing seamstress and has a big ol' cutting mat.

I broke the spending hiatus...again...
and purchased 14 yards of cotton twill (see back fabric ) in a light grayish bluish color.  
Of course, I picked up a more yardage for throw pillows.
I think fabric is my crack.
I can not get enough of great fabric.
I have a huge stash.
I need to start sewing.
Tomorrow, I swear!
Don't forget the big giveaway.
Winner-winner-chicken-dinner to be announced tomorrow.


  1. Ohhh love the fabric!! I am also addicted and have waaaay too much - but it's fun!! Ü

  2. I cannot imagine going into a shop and finding the fabrics you do. I do remember that the fabrics available in Edmonton blew what was available here out of the water though so I am guessing it is just this small city that has issues.
    I hope the recovering goes well, I am sure it will be beautiful!


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