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The question is: What five things do you love about being a mom?

I've been tagged by a certain Secret Agent.
The tagging links go much further back though; think of it as a project.
Normally,I am not a chain letter kinda gal but this is too fun to ditch on and besides who doesn't love talking about their kids?
I'll tell you who...someone who is not a mom!
5 things:

1.) The love, the never-ending-overwhelming-all-consuming love I have for my kids.  I never knew I was capable of this kind of love.  I was so unprepared for this love.  I knew love, I had experienced great love, I was told of this mama love but not until I became a mom did it click in my noggin. I love that they love me back  As a side note, I never loved my husband more in a single moment, than the moment I held Jude in my arms for the first time.

2.) Teachable moments... I love watching how their little brains work.  I love teaching them about the world and I love learning alongside them.  They teach me so much too.  I love seeing the world through their eyes in those moments...the teachable learning moments. Sharing my (our) faith in God with them and watching their little hearts grasp God's love.

3.) I love the companionship (99% of the time).  I always have someone to "hang" with. I hope this lasts for many many years...I still like hanging with my mom!

4.) The snuggling is a highlight.  The middle of the night, when Delia crawls into our bed and snuggles up tight.  The 6:30 am Jude snuggle with this wiggly body thrashing around.  Snuggling while watching "Man Vs Wild".  I love the comfort of closeness.

5.) The little things.  The little hand written notes the kids give me when they started reading and writing.  The excitement over holidays (major and minor).  The trips to ridge, campground, museum, lake, beach and so on. baking cookies together.  The extended family of aunts and uncles.  Reading chapter books together. learning way too much information about Star Wars, American Girl, Thomas the train, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Madeline and so on.

As an aside, I think I understand my own mother more and am closer to her than before I had kids.

Let it be said, motherhood is not always easy and not always in enjoyable.  There are many tough moments.  Many.  Not everyday is rosy and bright.  But like childbirth, the good times outshine the bad moments...every time. I'd like to think I am a good mom but there are many days that I am not all I could be in the mother 'hood. 
Thank heavens for grace and for new mercies.
Moms rock.

Following in footsteps of the one by which I was tagged (without prior notice)
I now tag:
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Leave me a comment when you post your 5 things you love about being a mom!


  1. Hard to narrow it down to 5! (And then some days hard to find 5.)

    1. I love that someone thinks I'm organized, even though I'm not. They seem to only notice the good things in me, and not the bad!

    2. I love seeing purity in human form. I know none of us are, but as wee babes, and when they're sleeping, they somehow remind me of God's ultimate desire for us....purity and perfection. I get a glimpse every night when I kiss them before I go to bed.

    3. I love that someone wants me to cuddle all night beside them, and still believes two kids and a mama can fit on a single bed!

    4. I love being childlike and it being okay when I'm with my kids.

    5. I love to push them on the swing higher, and higher, and higher, and remember being in their position when I was a kid, and the love my mom and dad must have had for me! It makes me thankful for my own mamachka (what I call my mom for absolutely no reason).

    Thank you, Nicole, for causing me to remember the good things in life today. I needed the reminder.


  2. Happy birthday Mamma! Do have a good day! Love to you all....gl

  3. nicole! i am so embarrassed to admit that this had me all in tears!!! its just SOO sweet =) a million years from now when i get to be a mom, i hope im as cool as YOU (and my mom of course haha)!


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