toothless spring

Spring has sprung and Trader Joe's has oodles of daffodils.

Jude has a funny habit...
1)not notifying his parents when his teeth are loose or when they fall out and
 2) swallowing his loose teeth
Tooth number 5 fell out during a spilled ice cream cone incident this past weekend and was promptly swallowed.
4 out 5 swallowed.
1 saved.
5 notes from the tooth fairy.

Nothing like tulips to lift ones spirit.
I love the flowers of spring.
Yesterday on a hike I noticed that the lupines are in bloom.


  1. An FYI you may or may not know....if you put one penny in your tulip water, it'll keep the steps straight!

  2. How in the world are the teeth swallowed? Do they come out while he is eating and he just doesn't notice? Tell him he needs to chew more thorough!


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