silk screen hoop

Remember I went to a silk screening class this weekend.
I learned many new things.

I doubt I will be starting a silk screen business anytime soon.
Perhaps there will be  an "embroidery hoop" screen t-shirt in my kids future but that would mean I would need to buy the goods and quite frankly I doubt I will get around to running that errand.

As Alex pointed out, there are a lot of toxins involved in this art form and to set  it up in our homes means bringing hazards into a place they shouldn't be.

Having said all that I am grateful for an afternoon out with a friend, learning a new skill and meeting new people. 
 More than anything it was great to get the creative juices flowing.

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  1. um, yes. i think we have a bit in common...i'll add another- i think we read all the same blogs! love it. :) so fun to encounter you- and please, i am crazy enough on my own, so i don't think most other people are crazy...so you're in the clear.


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