scientific seventh birthday

On Saturday we continued the week long celebration of Jude's 7th birthday.
A scientific seventh birthday.
This was the invite.

We used specimen cards attached to mini magnifying glasses and we printed the festivity particulars in the smallest font we could.
The invites were placed in small paper bags and hand delivered.
Oh, so scientific.
In hindsight we should have used all sorts of science-y words.

Safety goggles for the seven year old scientist.
Again, if I had been more prepared I would have ordered safety goggles for all the kids as take-aways. But alas the good ideas sometimes hit too late to be sprung into action.
Like the morning of the party (which started at 10 am) Jude decided, as were out walking the dog in the hills, that he wants a hiking party for his 7th birthday.
Sorry buddy, but great idea for next year.

Ooo, dry ice.
No not magic. 
We added it to the lemonade for  a "homemade-ish soda"

Mr. I the Science Guy.
Maybe this could be a side business.
Party, photos, fun and the whole shebang.

Ooo, more science.
We (the mister) had more ideas than we had time for.

A lesson in density.

Jr. Scientist. 
Mr. E.  the Science Guy.

Take-aways were a tornado in a bottle, complete with food coloring and glitter.

Not exactly science but sprinkle your own cupcake.
Jude wanted to have confetti cupcakes but I am a food snob and couldn't buy the cake mix so I used my tried and true Land o Lakes cupcake recipe and added jimmies to the batter.  Probably the same junk as the box mix but I felt better and since it is all about me...

It's good to be 7.
It's good to be celebrated.
It's good to be loved.

It's a great day to eat cake!


  1. Happy birthday, Jude! Looks like the scientific seventh was a big hit!! Love to you all! xo, mm

  2. Hey, looks like you did a great job! It is so weird that you just posted about this, as just a while back I was reading this:


  3. Wow, what a lucky little man. You always come up with the best birthday ideas. Makes me want to have a "kid" birthday again.

  4. Can you plan a party for me? I'm not even gonna tell my kids how cool your parties are! Way to go, Jude!

  5. really awesome. i want to go to a science party.


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