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This week will be kid heavy posts.

Today is Read Across America and at the kids school it was also Pajama Day.
Which of course meant I NEEDED to make pj pants.
Actually , the pj pant endeavor started quite innocently.  
Jude wanted a pair of pj pants mended and then Delia asked me to make her a pair of pants.  
To add to those requests I had already purchased material to make Jude pajamas for his birthday (which is in 2 days). 
 Delia chose fabric from my stash and I spent yesterday afternoon and evening sewing. 

I sewed new pj pants and added appliqués to existing t-shirts.
I love the fabric for Jude's.  
Robotman by Alexander Henry.(can't find link I think it was printed in 2000)

Let's Read!
I spent a portion of the morning reading to a few classes, I read some of my favorite non Dr. Seuss books; "Little Pea", "The Old Woman Who Named Things","The Incredible Book Eating Boy" and a new to me favorite "Squids will be Squids".
Go read to someone!
I forgot to mention, as Phouc pointed out, that it was Dr Seuss's birthday.


  1. I read Hooray for Reading Day to Lola's class today -- it was very fun. My kids are all in their rooms: Lola is reading Mathilda right now...Elizabeth is "reading" from memory If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...Tallulah is looking at picture books...both boys are also reading...reading rocks.

  2. it was also dr. seuss's bday.

  3. Soo cute - but where are Lilys? She looks like she's missing out!!

  4. What cute pj's. I love the idea of putting an applique on a white t-shirt for the top.

  5. Why does your dog always look so well behaved? Is she really that well behaved or just a good actor? (My dog is CRAZY and is trainable but so energetic that it's hilarious.)

    And I love the robot material! You are such a good mom to make your kids homemade PJ's!


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