Oh my, oh my

What do these things have in common?
1/2 a cinnamon stick
lemon zest (from my backyard)
garlic cloves
sage leaves (from my backyard)
Let me tell you.
They are the ingredients, along with an organic chicken and fresh pepper that make THE tastiest chicken dinner ever.
This will be a repeat recipe!
I promise.
I am so lazy about repeating dishes...I can't help it,  there are so many good looking recipes out there...more recipes than I have time for...of course if I'd start cooking on the weekends it would help!

Thank you Jamie Oliver.
Get your recipe... Chicken in Milk.

I first read about this recipe over at "the kitchn"...part of the Apartment Therapy site...which is a wonderful, inspiring time sucking site to scroll through.
So, I've heard...I so rarely spend any time surfing the net.
ah hem,cough cough.

Seriously though, Jamie Oliver is the Naked Chef dude out of the UK and this is the first, to my knowledge, recipe I have made of his and judging by this scrumptious feast it will not be my last.
Mr. Oliver suggests a side of wilted greens and mashed potatoes but I opted for broccolini, white rice and a baguette...for the garlic cloves of course!
The lemon zest/ milk combo creates a flavorful sauce, scoop a wee bit o' sauce over the rice and true comfort food have ye!
On the stove, as I write, in the big dutch oven, simmers the carcass, a bunch of veggies and water.
Cooking stock for later in the week.
I am trying to plan ahead and create as little waste as possible.
Lucy feasted tonight too...on boiled giblets!
Lucky dog!


  1. i love, love, love his newest cookbook. love the photos, the recipes...i have made multiple yummy recipes from there- including the balsamic onion/ potato situation, the amazing roasted carrot salad, and the rhubarb spritzers...
    delish delish

  2. you know how i cook so i don't have any right to comment on this particular post...but i just wanted to tell you i miss you...
    xoxo, mm

  3. apparently i join the board of agbell utah and i am ALL agbell! oops! :)

  4. yes it is hard not to have a crush on mr. oliver. lurve his website.

  5. Ohh yum! Those lemons are beautiful - I can't imagine how your tree out back must look with all those yummies!


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