March Forth!

Seven years ago, on March 4th, 2002, I became a mother to Jude.
Here's a wee montage of the past 7 years.
Hey, Jude!

Where did those years go?

When did you grow up?

Stop growing!

In 7 more years, you will be a teenager.

Seven years old.
Jude, you are an amazing person.
Full of adventure, sweetness, and love.

I carry you in my heart.

I love your zest for life.
Your sense of humor.

I adore your serious side and your love of learning.

I love you.
I thank God you were given to us.
"You are my I love you".


  1. Don't panic, but Jude will be a teenager in just 6 years, not 7!

    Happy B-Day Judah buddy. We love you.

  2. I know in 6 more years he will be a teenage. I was thinking in multiples of 7...14 (teenager), 7 more is 21 (graduate from college). Ack!

  3. he is so cute!!!! he is a good mix of you and loverboy. still funny that we have kids eh??? just wait til he turns 10, and has a sassy mouth! oh dear. we are dead!

  4. Happy Birthday Buddy! Enjoy!

  5. what a beautiful post for a beautiful little boy! don't tell him i called him a little boy!

  6. that shot of Jude with the red balloon is melting my heart.


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