in the swing

back in the swing of things.
birthdays can be exhausting.
i love the sense of completion though.
wiping my hands clean of one project to move on the the next.

yesterday, i scurried around the house all morning cleaning, tossing and straightening.
i love that.
like a giant check mark on  the big ol' to-do list of life.

this morning i rested.
made a latte.
walked lucy.
ate a pastry.
watched regis & kelly.
down time.

tuesday afternoons are always high paced, so a slow morning is a perfect treat.
tuesday means chauffeuring a small team of girls to gymnastics and enduring the constant bossy-know-it-all attitudes of 5 year old girls.
it is often baking day, today the treat was pumpkin muffins.
we never tire of pumpkin around here.
do you tire of pumpkin?


  1. I just made Paul's Pumpkin bars last week. I think I can truly say that I never tire of pumpkin. Another favorite is Pumpkin curry, MMM.

    You can look up the pumpkin bars on allrecipes, they are the best. I make them gluten free with 1/2 amaranth flour and 1/2 buckweat flour. Sorry for more info than you need, I must be bored!

  2. Oh, yeah I have pumpkin bread on my list for the kiddo. Thanks for reminding me. Love the new banner for sprint too!

  3. I love pumpkin. I have yet to bake with it though...shame on me


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