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I HATE being sick.  I am a terrible patient.
Because as you know, I am not patient!
If only life could stop for a couple of hours so I could sleep a bit longer.
Alas, this is not my reality, there is laundry, dishes, dog, kiddos and a class I must attend.  My friend Alex and I are taking a silk screening class this afternoon.  If you could get a refund for a cold I might have cancelled but instead I will drug myself and drink a latte and sleep after the class.  I am really looking forward to this class.  I enrolled last year but had to cancel.  I have not silk screened since Junior High (Hello, Robert Warren!). 
I also want to take a letterpress class later this year at the San Francisco  Center of the Book.
This week, in my sickened state, while I was cruising the web I came across these charming little finds.

Check it:

Bamboo Pebbles from Branch Home found via Ohdeedoh

Gorgeous rose pillows from Pillow Happy's Etsy Shop.

A great looking recipe for Spanish Chicken.

A cool recipe card holder from 1Canoe2 spotted here.  

Which I want but I already have all my recipes filed in a binder system which took me forever to finish!

 A perpetual calendar from Art School Girl.


I also have been obsessing and losing at Blokus online .

 Good news, a friend loaned us her game for the week.


Have a great weekend folks.

I am off to medicate myself.

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  1. I hope everyone is feeling better. Loved this post, lots of inspiration! I want to re-do my recipe box this week so this was just in time!


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