i can't knit and other news

for the record i can not knit.
i have tried unsuccessfully several times.
thank heavens, i know enough people who do and who can rescue me if the need arrives.
  i do like yarn though.
  the weight.  the texture. the colors.
who can resist a baskets of colorful texture laden yarn balls?
not i.
yosemite camping update: we will be going camping later this summer with the generous help of family friends, who will be at the camp ground, and are willing to stand in line for us. 
 again, my life is rescued by the kindness of others. 
 for which i am grateful.
yesterday, we made a big adult decision and placed an offer on a house.
this could be the beginning of the end or it might just become disappointment.
the house is s short sale so it could take months to be approved or rejected.
i have faith that god knows what we need when we need it and if this is the right choice he will open the doors and if not...i will wait...patiently.
or try at least.
i am a big believer in "signs" and i believe God speaks to me this way. 
 we have watched several doors close so i (we) choose to trust.
trusting is not always easy.
one of the things about house hunting in this economy, in the bay area, is the reason we can afford a home is due to the misfortune of others.  i often feel bad for the folk that had to walk away from their homes in order to survive.  especially sad when you witness the wrath of foreclosure, and the houses are stripped bare.  we looked at a home that the crown moldings  and outlets covers had been removed.

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