It's official, I have joined the ranks of soccer moms the world wide.
Delia is playing on the Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bombs.
Of course, soccer practice consisted of dribbling, a random cartwheel, goal scoring, handstand, balls kicked through pylons, forward roll, grass picking, another cartwheel, running, guarding the net and a handstand or two.
I would have been slightly embarrassed but 2 other girls were doing the same thing...including the coach's kid.
The most brilliant new sport for 5 year old girls would be a gymnastic/soccer combo.
Run, run run, kick, backflip, dribble, run, kick, cartwheel, score, handstand into a triple forward roll. 
Brilliant I tell you.  
Especially if I am NOT the coach.
  Speaking of coaches...
I don't know how they do it!
Watching Delia play a team sport thrills my heart. 
 I can not decide if she is simply aloof, clueless or can not hear anything going on around her. 
 Possibly a combination.
From the sidelines, I suppress the urge to sign to her. 
 Okay, I fail because sometimes I sign "pay attention" and "stand up" and "listen".  Honestly, I try not to micro manage...I try not to be "that" parent but I can't help myself.  
Sometimes it is just so dang hard to let my little deaf daughter out into the real world.  She is not asking for help I just want to protect her.
 She can hear just fine...if her BTE is on her ear, if the headband is not making a "rumbling" sound and if the speaker is standing near her.
  She can hear just fine if she is paying attention, if her computer is set to the right program and if her battery is charged. 
 She can hear just fine because she relies on visual cues, reading lips and because she watches the other kids. 
 She can hear because she has a bionic right ear but she is still deaf and I am still her mom and I still worry.
Who knew 5+ years ago when we were presented with the  "your child is profoundly deaf" diagnosis, that today Delia would be a mainstream already reading kindergartner on a soccer team and active gymnast? 
 I'll tell you who knew.  


  1. Wonderful! I have so many comments but we need a soccer-mom coffee date to discuss them all!


  2. LOL, that girl is a 5 year old bundle of energy that will never give up!!Ü Love her!!

  3. Ah, one day I hope we are reunited and we can meet each other's kiddos. I laughed when I read your post, because if it was Caleb, it would have read, "RUN, RUN, RUN, PICK NOSE, RUN, RUN, RUN, BITE NAIL, RUN, RUN, PICK NOSE...". Enjoy the soccer days and good for you to hold back! Yeah for childhood fun and games!

  4. Go Delia GO! You've got quite a champ there.

  5. i love this post. both the joy and the little aches. hope i can write a similar one in, oh, about 4 years.

  6. oh how exciting that she is playing soccer. Hannah is in softball and she doesn't pay attention at all. I thought it would be easy to follow the coaches use verbs and the parents use nice adjectives would be easy. It is not. I am so happy for Delia


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