Butter Girls.
Ragamuffin style.
Like milkmaids.

I wanted to follow in Angry Chicken's footsteps and make butter.
Whipped cream...thick and yummy looking.

See how the butter started to separate from the buttermilk.
The followed Angry Chicken's advice to bring cream to room temperature-ish to speed up the process which was needful with my helpers.
A great helpful how-to link at Portland Food & Drink.

Rinsing the butter.
Many, many times.

Kneading, rinsing and squeezing the buttery goodness.

The butter in all it's glory.

Buttermilk in all its sweetness.
I foresee buttermilk biscuits in our future.
Near future.

Sprinkle a bit of sea salt on your toast.
Yes, I know, we can buy butter.
But, why?

We did celebrate St. Patty's Day.
Not with green food but with good old corned beef  and roasted potatoes (the easiest dinner EVER) and we read "Fiona's Luck".
Of, course we wore green...no pinching!


  1. Oh yummy and your helpers are so darling Ü

  2. I'm so glad you made that butter. I want to try it too. I remember my parents making us shake cream into butter at restaurants to keep us busy at the table.

  3. oh hello. now I need to go buy some bread for my butter craving!


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