what's love got to do with it

Happy Valentine's Day!
Enjoy your weekend.

Of course the house is decorated for Valentine's.
Really, would expect anything less from me?

Though I adore hearts and have a few kicking around during the year I usually pull out the stash and decorate for the week proceeding the big day of love.

Little bits of love here and there.

Love does make the world go round.


Heart shaped rocks are little love notes from God...I have collected them for years. In fact they were the "give aways" at our wedding.
A painting by my ever talented sister, Wendyaloo.

Little treasures.

Valentine card leftovers.


  1. Ok, I know you are all talented, but I never knew Wendy painted. It's beautiful! Where oh where did you find the heart buttons? I might have to borrow Delsie's idea for next year.



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