supper follow up...lousy photos

Supper could have been worse.
Could have been better.
The portions were small.  (the above photo was dinner for the 4 of us.)
I heartily applaud the effort.
What can a parent expect from a 5 and nearly 7 year old?
Ack, nearly 7...in less than a month I will have a 7 year old!

What, haven't you had shredded wheat (NOT frosted), shredded and toasted with Monterery Jack cheese, served with a side of fruit, loads of whipped cream and drinkable yogurt?
Wasn't so bad.  
Tasted like cheese toast and fruit.
Yes, I had to step in a give a lesson on how to hold cheese when grating and to cut up the pear...we just sharpened our knives, for the first time EVER!! (Hello, Why has it taken us 8 years to sharpen our knives?  Duh!  it takes about 2 minutes or less if you get a BIL to help)
The kiddos thought making dinner was fun so I expect this will happen again in our future.  Oh, boy!


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