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I know, I have said it before and it bears repeating; There are some creative minds at work out there in the world. 
A certain loveliness and charm. 
A certain " je ne sais quoi".
Wouldn't you agree?

I love this poster.

The "world's smallest postal service" was featured in the Chronicle on Sunday and I wanted tell you all about it ever since I met the mastermind behind this postal service at a shop in Berkeley a few weeks ago.
  Lea has other endeavors on the go, like a tag exchange (see below)

How I love this Office of the Tooth Fairy
 If only my children would stop swallowing their loose teeth. 
 If only. 
I spotted this O Happy Day.

Wouldn't this post box be an adorable gift for a young child? So sweet.
These 2 items can be found at Uncommon Goods.  A cool online store.

Delia was given the sweet "Happy Happy Happy" (2nd from right) doll for Christmas.

Wouldn't this mini gum ball machine be a fun party favor? 

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