Jude reflecting in the car after grocery shopping:
 "I am going to cut back on junk food and sugar this month.  That's why I wanted vitamin D milk, I need more vitamins and need healthy food, I ate too much sugary junk lately."  
This is his insight after 3 consecutive days of "being spoiled rotten" by grandparents (real and adopted).

Delia sitting naked on the bathroom floor after being scolded (via sign language) for wasting shampoo: " I feel like you don't love me and you broke my heart."
 Talk about breaking hearts, my heart broke.

Jude: "Mom, you are not a photographer, you just blog!"
Nice.  Apparently, only Dad is a photographer.


  1. Jude, do you realize you mum is the next great food photographer? Martha Stewart should hire her! Sunset! Alice Waters! All the biggees! She's fabulous!

    And excuse me, but just a blogger?

    Oh, they can be so endearing, can't they?

  2. oh i adore your photogrphy. the picture at the top of this blog is amazing.
    how do you get them not to waste shampoo.
    I adore your kids and I wait anxiously for your blogs! you are very inspiring.

  3. Delia must be using Caleb's share. He HATES to wash his hair. I love to overhear some of Caleb and Kassia's comments. Innocence bursts forth and makes me smile. My heart broke too when I read Delsie's comment!!!!! And, for the record, for you are a real photographer. Jude will learn!



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