A love list

Operation Nice has an assignment this week.
To create a love list of places.

Here is my list:

I love Good Earth Cafe in Calgary.
I love crawling back into bed after getting the kids breakfast.
I love sitting in front of the fireplace at my folks house.
I love my friend Karen's kitchen.
I love Anthropologie.
I love a lobster roll sandwich at Seasalt.
I love hiking in Wildcat Canyon, especially the ridge.
I love bookstores, especially ones with big chairs and the ability to drink a latte.
I love Kauai.
I love Paris.
I love watching the sunset in Cinque Terre.
I love driving in the Jetta (a car is a place, right?)
I love being home.
Of course, the places I love could change on any given day but this is today's list.
Play along.
Make a love list of favorite places and leave a comment or link back to a list on your blog and you can link back to Operation Nice.

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