Love is in the air

How was your weekend?
Filled with good food...our favorite burrito place just re-opened (see leftovers above) and tonight John & I ate a tasty crab sandwich...made my the 2 of us...see love is in the air...undocumented though.
Weekend activities involved but not limited to included; fanfest, Star Wars 3, trouble, time with Grandma, house hunting, hardware stores, watching a movie in the new car (it has a in car dvd player), eating, cleaning, a birthday party, church and so it goes.
Now, we head into a busy week.  The final decision of the district school closures is this week and John's school is on the hit list.  Stay tuned.  The week will be filled with PTA, SSC, gymnastics, more house hunting, volunteering and of course Valentine parties.  Speaking  of which, Valentine cards are fini...ready for the party!  More on that later in the week.

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  1. I LOVE that burrito place. are the burritos still just as good?


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