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Every day, I spend oodles of time tooling around on the world wide web. The computer is my entertainment (I rarely watch TV), my daily read and a great source of inspiration.  Clearly a time waster. 
 Let's be clear though, I do accomplish a zillion other things in the course of a day.  Okay, okay, maybe not a zillion but certainly many many things...household chores and shopping, working, volunteering, exercising Lucy, reading books to the kids, hand making party invites and valentines and so on and so forth as I toot my own horn.
  I, also, waste far too much time on the computer, but in doing so I learn so much and am reminded daily of the creativity and brilliance of folk everywhere. 
 I am intrigued on how I came across such interesting bits. 
Link upon link upon link to find the treasures amidst the blather.
Take Design Observer for example and this lovely little article about decades worth of composition books.  I love journals.  I have many that I rarely write in  (since blogging is a journal too) but back in the day before kids and when my life was full of angst I journaled like crazy.  I use to keep prayer journals but since I was a teenager I have kept "bits and pieces" journals, notebooks full of quotes, photos and the such.
I came across this post via black eiffel via ohhellofriend.
Or how about, earlier today when I found the perfect husband for my sister.
Follow me on one more linky loo to Simply Lovely and her spending hiatus. 
 Food for thought and definitely a post for another day.

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  1. I had better be the sister you're talking about.


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