Homestyle Latte

The spending hiatus is much tougher then I first imagined.
I am more aware of the mindless cash dropped here and there.
Does that mean I am saving oodles?
I am aware of how often I want to stop for a latte in the course of a few days.
I hate to admit it but I love coffee out and about town.
This afternoon, I really wanted a caffeine hit but I resisted, I came home pulled my espresso maker out from the depths of my cupboards and brewed myself a tasty latte.

I sat at my desk, browsed the world wide web, caught up on your interesting lives and enjoyed my latte.  
This little homestyle latte luxury cost mere cents instead of dollars and I enjoyed the half hour even more because this week I started a new family tradition in which the children must play in their rooms by themselves for  30-45 minutes.
  They must play with toys.  
We are having issues with the huge amounts of "stuff" we have in our house and I want the kids to appreciate their "stuff".
Speaking of stuff, I dropped 4 grocery bags of stuff off at the Goodwill today.
My goal is downside by 10 every other day or so...10 things in each room, cupboard, inbox or photo folder... even multiple of 10 calories.
Ridding myself of the excess of life.

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  1. wow, that's encouraging nicole. i am too a mindless lazy spender. a little drive thru, an little reward... i'm going to keep myself in check today. i'll let you know how it goes. love you.


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