homemade love!

Here is a photo or two of the handmade valentine's the kids made for their classmates.
Apparently, at our local school handmade/homemade cards are a thing of the past!
No one makes them.  
I can hardly believe I am the only mom at that school who is a bit crafty.
I know it takes time and energy and maybe if you have many kids, a newborn , a full-time job etc etc then handmade goes out the window.

Jude chose blue card stock, folded in half (landscape) and glued heart shaped buttons to the front.
The inside is stamped with a "Happy Valentine's Day" stamp and includes a sticker.

Delia's cards were business card size with paper punched cupcakes glued on the front with "sweets" sticker and the flipside had the same stamp as Jude's and of course both kids signed their names.  I did not procrastinate this year so we worked on a few at a time over of the course of 2 weeks.

Delia enclosed her cards in red envelopes and sealed them with a heart sticker.
Speaking of sweet tune in later this afternoon on details of a giveaway.
I am feeling the love.

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