a day in the life or something like that.

Earlier this afternoon, a girl and her dog sat by a window, watching the world go by.
The girl child was engaged in a make believe conversation with someone.
I am not sure to whom she was speaking, but there were a lot of "I love you!",
 "Don't cry." and "I will return." exclamations.
I have a hunch she was pretending she was Padme and the unknown was Anakin.  Have I mentioned we (the kids and the dad) are in full on Star Wars mode.
The flash cards, the movies, the books and the conversations...Star Wars.
Oh my heavens.  What is a mama to do.

Speaking of embracing, Jude wants to make supper tonight.
He wanted me to have muffets, white cheese that melts and pears on hand.
Hmm.  I wonder what we are eating.
How could  I say no?
The child wants to prepare dinner.
Tomorrow, I'll let you know what was on the menu.
There are no hot ovens or stoves only toaster ovens and microwaves.
Sounds yummy, dontchathink?

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  1. I love the picture of Delia and Lucy. It is awesome!


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